Letters: On Lansing, Michigan roads, and bullying

Lansing untrustworthy

Nolan Finley says Gov. Rick Snyder needs a better pitch for the roads. I say he needs a better product. Without a second choice on the ballot, we really won’t know if voters would accept a fuel tax as a lesser of evils. Many voters remember the promises that the lottery would enrich our schools, but the Legislature raided other funds, making it a net zero gain and betraying the sales pitch. Why should we trust them again?

Dennis L. Green, Farmington Hills

Bullying not just for kids

Jonathan Enyinnah’s Jan. 22 letter on bullying, “12th-grader, on the trauma of bullying,” struck a chord with me. I worked for twenty-five years treating cancer patients as a radiation therapist, and every department I worked in had its bully, often more than one. Although no longer working in the field, I experienced and witnessed some horrendous bullying, and the article in my professional journal indicates it is a common problem, contributing to a toxic work environment which is unsafe for patients and unhealthy for workers. In the departments I worked in, the bullies were able to operate with seemingly no repercussions. Fortunately for the children we so often hear about being bullied, the issue is being addressed more openly.

Hang in there, Jonathan, I know you have the will to persevere.

Karole Davies, Bloomfield Hills