Readers debate school choice

Badmouthing charter schools

In response to Steven Cook’s Jan. 28 column, “End the charter schools experiment already,” Cook states that charter schools “lack of accountability, lack of transparency, and poor academic performance.” But could not that also be said of the public schools with so many being under emergency management?

He goes on to declare “Nearly 40 percent of Michigan charter schools are deemed ‘low performing’ by the state,” without mentioning that charter schools are more likely than not seeded with students from schools staffed by his unions. But his statement is also telling, in that it means that 60 percent of charter schools are mid or high preforming, a claim I would not think his union schools can make.

Cook repeatedly mentions the sum of $1 billion that charter schools reportedly are “costing” taxpayers, with the assumption that those monies would return to the “public” union run schools if charters were disbanded. This leads to the logical conclusion that Cook believes unions are less about the education of children and more about the employment of adults.

Dan Trey, Vanderbilt