Readers: Can Wayne County be fixed?

Just like Detroit

Re: Nolan Finley’s Feb. 5 column, “To fix Wayne County, Warren Evans must change culture”: What is great about America are the self-correcting mechanisms that take place when the single party looting system runs out of money. Handout County is about to get the same reality its little sister in the Badlands just got.

Tom Baker, Detroit

Free-rider dilemma

Nolan Finley was wrong on one point. There are enough people on welfare and people who don’t pay property taxes in Wayne County to approve a tax hike that won’t affect them.

Mark Czajka, Detroit

Absolute power corrupted

I am a retired employee of Wayne County. Robert Ficano and his administration left a real mess behind, and I am hoping that Warren Evans can fix it before it gets even worse. I think Evans is very intelligent and capable, and I have a lot of faith in him that he will do the right things.

Margaret Schmidt,

Allen Park