News readers talk foreclosures


Detroit is overvalued

Re: The Detroit News' Feb. 6 Editorial, "Keep balance with foreclosures": While I agree that taxes are necessary to provide services, The News missed an important point. It isn't just lackadaisical handling of notices or enforcement, it's the fact that nearly every single house in Detroit is grossly overvalued, which results in grossly higher taxes. The bureaucracy here is so thick and tangled that the left hand doesn't know what it's doing, the right hand doesn't know what it's doing and neither knows the other exists.

EJ Knapp, Detroit

Overcharged, underpaid

How about adjusting taxable value on people's homes to reflect the real current value? Even on this year's assessment notice I see my assessed value declined but the taxable value went up, and this was after hiring a specialist to fight for two years to have the assessed value of my home lowered by a state judge. People might be more willing to pay if they were being charged a fair amount.

Archie Lynch, Wayne

Bankruptcy done wrong

This item should have been handled by the recent bankruptcy as an accounts-receivable. They had no problem going after the accounts-payable, pensions.

Hire a team of real estate appraisers to re-evaluate the city's housing stock to come up with an updated tax base.

If the property is occupied, work out a stringent payment plan. If unoccupied, then 90 days to catch-up before tax foreclosure.

Donald Bosworth, Fenton