Letter: One Detroiter’s challenge

One Detroiter’s challenge

Re: The Detroit News’ Feb. 10 report, “Duggan keeps focus on neighborhoods, ‘inclusion’ ”: Mayor Mike Duggan offered great ideas and lots of good energy.

But let’s make sure we do more than just feel good and talk. As a Detroiter, I want things done. I don’t care so much about the politics.

I want garbage picked up on time, regardless of who does it.

I want streets to be well lit and safe. I want police and fire response times to be 10 minutes or less.

I want abandoned homes that can’t be fixed to be demolished.

I want vacant homes that can be fixed occupied with homeowners.

I want small businesses to get started and thrive in the neighborhoods.

I want to see more than party stores, beauty shops and auto repair, too.

That is my State of the Citizen address, Mr. Mayor. Can you get it done?

William C. Plumpe, Detroit