Re: Nolan Finley’s Feb. 15 column, “Bibi’s visit may hurt Israel”: Nolan Finley brought out a lot of important points in regards to the Netanyahu forthcoming address to Congress but also missed a few: A nuclear Iran puts the United States in as much danger as Israel. The political football was caused by President Barack Obama whose desire is to see Netanyahu defeated and thus raised a fuss about influencing the Israel election in order to influence it. A strong arrangement with Iran would not be negatively impacted by Netanyahu’s potential comments. The Iran treaty like prior nuclear treaties needs to be approved by the Senate. Skirting the Senate will mean this treaty is reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain’s treaty with Adolf Hitler in 1938. “Peace in our time” resulted in World War II.

Eugene Greenstein, Farmington Hills

Bibi applies pressure

The importance of the Benjamin Netanyahu-goes-to-Washington debacle is that it threatens to undermine the power of the Israeli lobby.

The lobby is quite effective: U.S. taxpayers give Israel billions a year in aid and we send our sons and daughters off to fight and die in its wars. The Israel lobby accomplishes this with a carrot and a stick. They give big campaign contributions to those who follow orders and they run well-financed candidates against those politicians who refuse to follow orders.

George Corsetti, Detroit

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