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Letters: Schuette sworn to uphold U.S. Constitution

An AG for all of Michigan?

Re: Judge William Whitbeck’s Feb. 17 column, “Schuette must defend the entire Constitution”: The attorney general is also sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution which, in the case of marriage, pre-empts the state restrictions.

The former judge failed to include this information in this obvious failed attempt to justify the absurd behavior of the worst attorney general in Michigan history.

The retired judge has no problem mentioning the 6th Circuit decision and other philosophical support for the concept of respecting voters, but failed to mention the well over 40 state and federal courts that determined preventing people from marrying is unconstitutional.

The retired judge is right about one thing — Schuette should not work on behalf of the issues that fit his very personal vision of things and work on behalf of the people who rely on him to do his job.

Unfortunately, this is precisely how Bill Schuette operates.

Jamie Lowell, Oxford

One side of the story

Judge William Whitbeck only quotes conservative judges that support his point of view. What about what other justices have said and what other appeals courts have ruled? Citing only views he agrees with is fine, but it certainly isn’t debate. He should at least address the opposing point of view.

Mark Durfee, Detroit