In case you missed it: The week in our views

The week in our views: Kaitlyn Buss, in her debut Detroit News column, argues that Michigan is missing a major funding source for its much-needed roads fix: Legalizing and taxing marijuana.

Ingrid Jacques writes that, with Detroit’s bankruptcy resolved, Gov. Rick Snyder is turning his focus to fixing the schools in Detroit, perennially among Michigan’s and America’s worst.

Doug Bandow gave five reasons why the United States should not pursue war against ISIS, including that countries in the Middle East, where ISIS is doing its damage, are much closer and better-suited for such a fight.

Scott Powell, of the Discovery Institute, argues that the reason for the U.S. dollar’s strength lately has little to do with the fundamentals of the economy — which, by some measures, are still very poor — and more to do with America’s geopolitical stability compared to Europe and the Middle East.

Michigan Supreme Court justices Robert Young and Bridget McCormack write that Michigan has a duty to ensure that low-income Michiganians recieve quality legal representation.

Judge William Whitbeck, formerly of the Michigan Court of Appeals, writes that Attorney General Bill Schuette was sworn to uphold the entire Michigan Constitution, even the parts people find controversial, such as the voter-passed ban on gay marriage and civil unions from 2004.

Nolan Finleytook issue with the Detroit City Council’s appointment of Janee Ayers, a union leader, to fill Saunteel Jenkins’ vacancy.

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