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News readers on Keystone, Netanyahu

Don’t assume

Re: Nolan Finley’s Feb. 18 Editor’s Note, “Gary Peters will never vote for Keystone”: Nolan Finley’s charge that Gary Peters’ vote on Keystone reflects the support of Tom Steyer borders on slander. Shall we similarly assume everyone who voted for it is on the Koch brothers payroll?

It’s a chicken versus egg debate whether the donors follow the politician or the politician follows the donor. As and environmentally conscious engineer, I thing it is a mistake to make Keystone an example.

Canada’s oil will go to market. The only choice is the route.

The latest train wreck shows that pipelines are the safest means for transporting oil. Keystone is the lesser of evils, and opposing it is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Having met and supported Gary Peters, I am sure his integrity is not the issue, only his scientific understanding is in question.

Dennis L. Green, Farmington Hills

Not Bibi’s problem

Re: David Finkel and Barbara Harvey’s Feb. 17 column, “Congress needs to cancel Netanyahu speech”: One can only assume that David Finkel and Barbara Harvey have been either living on another planet, or just coming out of six year comas when writing in their joint op-ed piece that “Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu is a blatant attempt to destroy the international standing of President Obama”. That mission was accomplished long ago, by the man himself.

Peter Cundari, Novi