Re: The Detroit News’ Feb. 19 editorial, “Meeting bus promise vital to Detroit’s comeback”: When I was a young man, probably around 1961, I wrote a letter to the editor of The Detroit News that was published in the paper. The letter related to the deplorable state of the public transit system in the Detroit area. Nothing has changed.

The root of the problem is we need one system that serves both the city and suburbs. Having a bunch of SMART buses zig-zagging around the suburbs, which only a few people ride, is a waste of money. This is why many suburbs, including the one I live in, have opted out.

A good transit system acts like a magnet in attracting people and business all along the transit routes and creating jobs and income and generating tax revenue. Toronto is a good example. It has grown to a population of around 2.5 million people. The system in Toronto as in other large cities is a mix of buses and surface and subway trains.

Detroit has a long way to go to become a world class city.

Ronald A. McLachlan, Livonia

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