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Readers: Yes, there is a Plan B if Prop 1 fails

There is a Plan B

Re: Nolan Finley’s Feb. 22 column, “No Prop 1, no good roads. Guaranteed.” I disagree with Nolan Finley’s rationale for supporting Proposition 1, the ballot proposal to pay for road improvements by raising the sales tax. Mr. Finley argues that “Proposal 1 is flawed but it’s all we got.” There is an alternative to Proposition 1, and that if for the Legislature to increase the gasoline tax as Gov. Rick Snyder first proposed.

A gasoline tax to improve roads is so logical it screams to be adopted. Why did the Republican-controlled Legislature pass up such a logical solution, craft the bizarre combination of sales tax and school funding in Proposition 1, and then throw it to the voters to decide? I suspect they opposed the gas tax because it might appear as an appeasement to the global warming crowd, and that violates Republican doctrine. Maybe they didn’t want to raise taxes because that violates their doctrine. But regardless of their rationale, Proposition 1 is a stupid way to pay for road improvements and should be rejected. A tax increase is needed and they need to show the courage to implement it.

Our roads need fixing. A gasoline tax is a fair, rational method of paying for it. Reject Proposition 1 and tell the Legislature to do what they should have done a year ago.

Jim Collins,

Farmington Hills

A middle ground

I would like to take exception to Nolan Finley’s column. Finley apparently supported the proposal to allow a tax increase to fix Michigan roads.

The shift of the sales tax from the consumer to the supplier is the correct solution. This portion would then be assigned to only the roads of Michigan and not the general fund. The general fund is controlled by our elected officials and they do not have any checks and balances imposed on these usages.

If the shift in the application of the sales tax had been the only portion of the law change, it still would have required a vote of the citizens, because it does change the Constitution.

Fred Herschelman,


What good are lawmakers?

“No Prop 1, no good roads. Guaranteed.” That’s because the lazy, cowardly Michigan legislators will never do the work we they were hired to do when they begged us for a job.

Richard Holmes,

New Baltimore