News readers, on Lansing and Washington

The blame game

Re: The Detroit News’ March 2 Editorial, “GOP shoots own foot in shutdown standoff”: Yes, the media will always blame the Republicans in Congress for government shutdowns.

But do voters blame them and punish them at the polls? The evidence seems to cut the other way.

One year after a government shutdown derided by the establishment, the voters rewarded the GOP with a rather historic landslide at every level of government.

Will the current battle work for or against the GOP? That will depend on its resolution and whether America is attacked as a result. I happen to sympathize with the establishment on this issue because the process seems so adversarial, but there is no reason to believe that voters will take it out on the Republicans at the polls. Obama is confident and his party and the nation suffer.

William McCann, Birmingham

Leaders wanted in Lansing

The column by Dan Calabrese regarding our Legislature’s inability to walk and chew gum at the same time in response to road funding issues pretty much hits the nail right on the head. He’s right. There is no Plan B. Our legislature would rather put it up to the voters with no alternative, rather than show any leadership, so they can avoid any tough decisions, then blame the voters if things don’t go as planned.

David Bowers, Roseville