#ICYMI: Op-eds from the week that was

Detroit Public Schools emergency manager Darnell Earley says fixing Michigan’s most troubled school system takes a relay team. As the fourth man to serve in the post, Earley believes his 10-point plan for fixing the district will make it strong financially and competitive academically. Earley: “It’s my job to bring us through the home stretch and over the finish line, which is financial sustainability and educational competitiveness.”

Nolan Finley writes that no matter how wrongheaded President Barack Obama might be in nuclear negotiations with Iran, the 47 GOP senators who wrote a letter to the Iranian leadership were out of line. “Affirming to an enemy that Washington is in chaos is no way to protect American interests,” Finley writes.

Frank Beckmann takes a broad look at American politics, from Hillary Clinton’s private email account to the state’s decision to give a $50,000 bonus to Jack Martin, former emergency manager of Detroit Public Schools, and says declining public trust is a sign of the times. Said Beckmann: “The reality is that we have too many people who give us reasons to be cynical about leadership in our country.”

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