Letter: Mayor responds to Madonna

Mayor responds to Madonna

Dear Madonna, I read with great interest your recent comments about growing up in Rochester Hills and your description of our residents as “basic, provincial thinking people.” As the mayor of Rochester Hills, I feel compelled to respond (Re: The Detroit News March 17 article, “Rochester Hills mayor says Madonna snub unfair”).

Admittedly, I don’t know what experiences led you to that opinion, but let me assure you, our community is anything but basic or narrow minded. In fact, we are and have been home to some of the brightest minds shaping our world. Our school district is one of the top performing in the state. Our universities are among the fastest growing in the Midwest and are rich with cultural and ethnic diversity.

We design and build more robots than any other city in North America, and Rochester Hills residents and businesses have been granted over 900 patents in the last three years. We are growing in many ways including in our economic, racial, and religious diversity.

Madonna, you have achieved unbelievable success and while we appreciate your talent and achievement, we expect you to appreciate ours.

Bryan K. Barnett, mayor

City of Rochester Hills