Letters: News readers weigh in on Michigan roads

Voter a Prop 1 skeptic

Re: Karla Swift’s March 18 column, “Vote Yes on Prop 1, fix the roads”: What appears to have begun as a tax hike to address the state of Michigan’s roads has become a catchall to not only fix the roads but now to provide additional revenue for Michigan’s school children, and provide guarantees for where the current gas tax goes.

I would be the first of jump on the Prop 1 bandwagon if I could be guaranteed that this is what would happen. But I am skeptical, as should all Michigan voters be. Words are cheap. How many times has the Michigan taxpayer been convinced to vote yes for a tax or bond proposal with the guarantee that the increased revenue would go to improving roads, state parks, the environment, education, ad infinitum. After all is said and done, we are left no better off than before.

Marvin L. DeWitt,


Choose irrelevance

Re: Gary Heinlein’s March 18 report, “Senate GOP drives through ‘Choose Life’ license plate”: Our Michigan legislators cannot pass an urgently needed fix for our horrible roads but punt the problem to the voters. But then today’s News reports that the Senate has approved the offering of a “Choose Life” license plate and the House has approved a bill to allow faith-based agencies to deny child adoptions by gay and lesbian couples.

That shows what their priorities are, and they’re not the roads or the people that have to drive on them.

Richard Hevelhorst,