Letter: Natural gas is Michigan’s energy future

In response to Gary Heinlein’s March 13 report, “Snyder urges dramatic drop in reliance on coal power,” I commend Gov. Rick Snyder for recognizing the benefits of natural gas. In his recent message on energy, Snyder highlighted Michigan’s capacity to store, and safely and affordably produce, natural gas.

For these reasons, Snyder rightly called natural gas the state’s “new source for baseload power.” Natural gas use in the state’s power generation mix should soar to 26 percent by 2025, up from 14 percent in 2015.

Michigan is a case study for the rest of the country. With residential heating and electricity bills higher than the national average, the state is taking a close look at more affordable and reliable energy.

Natural gas provides one such alternative.

In addition to saving consumers money, safe and responsible oil and natural gas production in shale regions across the country supports 1.7 million jobs and $238 billion in economic activity every year, helping fuel a manufacturing renaissance projected to add one million jobs by 2025.

Frank J. Macchiarola, executive director,

America’s Natural Gas Alliance