Reader: Prop 1 a dereliction of duty

Isn’t it Gov. Rick Snyder’s job to keep us safe and make sure the state’s infrastructure is sound? Then why is it that all of a sudden the roads are so bad that if we don’t raise the sales tax, we are all going to die from falling chunks of concrete?

When I see Snyder standing there holding up a up a piece of ashphalt claiming it may come through my windshield, I have to wonder what he’s been doing for the past four years in office. Why is it such a crisis now? Why did the Legislature wait until the very last minute of the very last day of their lame duck session to decide there was no way to find money for potholes unless we raise the state sales tax? Are people really going to die if we don’t pay more for everything we buy?

I’m not buying it. There are alternatives to this one plan. Snyder won’t even discuss them. Neither will the special interest groups who will gain millions from the tax hike. This is a $2 billion tax increase at a time when most of us haven’t yet realized the economy’s comeback. And too much of it of it isn’t even going toward those potholes.

Susan Kotrys, Whitmore Lake