News readers: No new taxes to fix the roads

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A taxing dilemma

Re: Steven Cook’s March 25 column, “Don’t trust Michigan pols? Vote yes on Prop 1”: I, for one, am quite pleased to have a say on this tax increase, voting has never been a burden to me and no, I do not trust the legislature or the governor, both of whom seem hell bent on making Michigan the highest tax state in the nation.

Mark Durfee, Detroit

Rethinking road funding

How many school districts do we need in Michigan? Each district has a high paid superintend and a paid school board along with free district provided cars and expenses for some of the superintends and board members. There are about 535 school districts in this state, why not just 83? One for each county. Just think of the money the tax payers would save providing our legislature could keep their hands off it.

Daniel Dobbs,

West Bloomfield

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