Whitmer creates commission to study solutions to Michigan population loss

Letters: News readers talk BAMN, UM

Be careful what you wish for

Re: Ingrid Jacques’ April 12 column, “BAMN hijacking teachers union”: I’m a proud retired former member of the Detroit Federation Teachers (DFT) and there’s an adage which says, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.”

Steve Conn and BAMN have wanted to take over control of the DFT for years. Conn should put some distance between himself and BAMN.

Thomas A. Wilson Jr., Detroit

Weak moral fiber

Re: Ingrid Jacques’ April 14 Editor’s Note, “UM takes a shot at ‘Sniper’: Jacques’ comments on the American Sniper dustup at the University of Michigan are right on the mark. As I said when Dave Brandon was fired as athletic director, the university is being run by the sign-toters.

The hallmark of Mark Schlissel’s administration is that policy decisions get made via petitions. Not surprising at a place where smoking legal drugs (tobacco) is outlawed but smoking illegal drugs (marijuana) is tolerated.

Mike Smith, National City