Letters: Reasons to vote ‘no’ and ‘yes’ on Prop 1

Reasons to vote ‘no’

Michigan politicians supporting Proposition 1 are fraudsters perpetuating the lie that Michigan doesn’t have enough money to repair roads without it. A no vote would do two things. First, make road repairs a priority within the already bloated $53 billion budget. Second, it would force Michigan to more efficiently and effectively spend the current $3.5 billion transportation budget.

Gregg Bazzani, Southgate

Prop 1 lifts all ships

The convoluted language of Proposition 1 is causing most people to simply turn off and say no. Yes, I think Lansing is partly shifting their responsibility by putting the choice in our hands. But then again, we do get a voice here. If Proposition 1 passes, the road funding is shored up, the school fund is reconstituted, monies get earmarked by Constitutional fiat, and schools get a $200 per pupil bump.

Edmond Guay, Auburn Hills