Re: Chad Livengood and Gary Heinlein’s April 15 report, “Ad pitches Prop 1 as ‘permanent solution’ for road ills”: This is an offensive ad in suggesting a “permanent solution” for Prop 1. The image makers should have known that this particular phrasing is often used in addressing suicide, one of our nations most devastating mental health problems.

The producers and sponsors of this highly offensive Prop 1 television commercial should have known that “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem” is a very common reference in addressing this devastating health issue.

The Prop 1 ad hits below the belt in an uncouth and misguided manner and is especially offensive to the many Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans where the suicide epidemic is growing at an alarming rate.

Gov. Rick Snyder needs to tell the Prop 1 ad sponsors to stop using it and then demand Lansing legislators to starting working on an alternative road fix plan and formulate a common sense road fix bill that is less regressive and doesn’t dig deep into the pockets of orphans, seniors and working parents who can hardly afford a 17 percent increase in the state sales tax.

Kenneth Hreha, Dryden

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