Rebuttal: Electric vehicles are viable

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Nolan Finley’s April 21 Editor’s Note, “Government can’t create demand for EVs,” attempts to dismiss electric drive technology. However, the facts don’t fit into his premise that, as taxpayers, we should continue to pay for oil dependence.

The 3.73 million electric drive vehicles sold over the past decade demonstrate a significant, growing consumer desire for alternatives to oil. Keenly aware of marketplace demands, automakers are expanding their commitment to electrification; nearly every major manufacturer now has a plug-in vehicle. Meanwhile, many of the “great strides” noted by Finley are based on increased electrification, such as the application of start-stop technology in internal combustion engines.

With a description of oil prices as “stable,” Finley ignores both history and global oil economics. The volatility of the global oil market has been exhaustively chronicled and price fluctuations are one of the only certainties associated with it.

Federal policies that reinforce private investments in electric drive transportation have already produced a successful return on taxpayer investment by diversifying our transportation fuel options and reducing our economy vulnerability to global price volatility. Additional benefits include enhanced competitiveness in global clean energy markets, cleaner air and the foundation of a sustainable transportation sector.

Genevieve Cullen, president,

Electric Drive Transportation Association,

Washington, D.C.

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