Letters: News readers skeptical on Prop 1

Read the fine print

I have been inundated with numerous calls and letters advocating a yes vote on Proposition 1.

The primary emphasis of these infomercials are on the road repair issues. Where is the anti Prop 1 ads and literature? I would like all voters to read the proposal in its entirety before casting a vote.

Lynn Martin, Warren

Follow the script of Ohio

Re: The Detroit News’ April 23 report, “Snyder pushes Prop 1 by throwing asphalt”: Gov. Rick Snyder says: "We're short about $1.2 billion a year. Everyone talks about how much they like Ohio roads. Well Ohio spends $1.2 billion a year more on its roads than Michigan. I don't like being behind Ohio in anything."

Well, Ohio also has a lower state sales tax and tax on gasoline than Michigan. Maybe our Michigan legislature needs to take a look at where Ohio finds the money.

Rick Steadman,