Letters: Readers, on Prop 1 and Plan B

Re: Dennis Kolar’s April 27 column, “If Prop 1 fails, there is no Plan B”: There is no Plan B because the elected officials of this state have decided there is no Plan B.

For better or worse, this is the democratic process in action. That’s why it looks extremely likely that Prop 1 doesn’t get passed. Because in a democratic society the people occasionally get to vote and they occasionally find out their elected officials are pretty much acting in an irresponsible fashion. Such as with Prop 1.

No one is stating it is easy to pass a road funding plan, but if this bill goes down it is a loud vote in favor of the Legislature doing its job and working with a budget to prioritize necessity. The state’s budget has risen year over year unchecked and, frankly, it is difficult to see much value in those dollars.

Michael Bedard, Farmington Hills

Too little, too late

Re: Gary Heinlein’s April 24 report, “Pro-Prop 1 group outpaces opposition in fundraising”: Sen. Carl Levin spends years in Washington failing to get Michigan its fair share of federal highway funds. But now we are to believe that he cares about our roads? Vote no.

Carl Frederickson, Detroit