Readers talk homeschool reform

Safety first

Re: Rep. Stephanie Chang’s April 28 column, “Why homeschool reform is necessary,” shows the whole problem with our government today. If something bad happens somewhere, there needs to be yet another law passed, placing burdens on people who have nothing to do with the bad thing, to maybe prevent the bad thing happening again. Rep. Chang does not suggest that Child Protective Services failed to protect these children. She does not suggest that their fathers failed these children. She does not suggest that their relatives failed these children. She most certainly does not suggest their mother failed these children. No, she sees the whole problem as being that the state does not supervise home-schooling parents closely enough.

Dennis Neylon, Hazel Park

Homeschool not only problem

Since the majority of homeschoolers do well, why doesn’t Rep. Stephanie Chang devote all her energy and time to fixing all the problems with the public school system? Why doesn't she spends all her time and energy fixing the child welfare system?

Democrats do not like homeschoolers and are always seeking ways to get them under their control.

Joseph Perotta, Nashville