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News readers talk about asset forfeiture

Reform needed

Re: The Detroit News’ May 5 Editorial, “Stop grabbing property”: I can accept the use of civil asset forfeiture only when a person is convicted of a felony as payment or restitution of the crime. Because it can be used as a political revenge against one’s political enemies.

This why this law is so badly need here and the rest of the country.

Dan Miller, Detroit

Constitutional concerns

Many people don’t believe me when I tell them that the cops can seize your property without even ever charging you with a crime. Usually I hear comments like, “no way. That can’t be legal” and get accused of being a cop hater. To be fair, that last part isn’t entirely untrue.

How a court could ever look at civil asset forfeiture and find it constitutional is beyond me. It’s about as antithetical to the 4th Amendment as you can get.

Chris Stickney, Perry