Letters: No more pork in road funding bills

Readers know best

Re: The Detroit News’ May 10 Editorial, “Lansing, work on clean road funding bill”: I think most people before Election Day we’re going to vote no because all the pork that was added on. I thought The Detroit News encouraged us to vote yes on this proposal, now they’re telling us the legislators need to pass a “clean” proposal. Maybe The News should listen to the people on occasion instead of thinking it knows best.

Joseph Perotta, Nashville

Invest in roads, kids

A clean roads bill cannot be at the expense of other valuable programs like educating our children. The current administration has played fast and loose with these programs to cut business taxes — it’s pretty questionable whether these cuts did anything since whatever recovery we’ve had is due to the recovery of the national economy.

Neal Charness, Detroit

RINO politics

Unbelievable. The Detroit News is coming out to support a Republican tax grab. My how the times have changed. The new Republican Party has never met a tax increase it doesn’t love. I say take back half of that tax gift Gov. Rick Snyder gave business and use that to fix roads.

Keith W. Chynoweth, Canton

Blame the GOP

The entire debacle that was Proposition 1 should be laid at the feet of the Republican administration. From Gov. Rick Snyder to the Republican lawmakers, none of them did their jobs.

Ed Flayer, Northville