Readers talk Virgil Smith, Ben Carson

No good for Detroit

Re: The Detroit News’ May 12 report, “Black Caucus urges public to withhold judgment on Smith”: State Sen. Virgil Smith should consider whether he can still serve his constituents. He might be more effective in jail than in Lansing.

Mel Tarnowski, Troy

Rush to judgment

State Sen. Arlan Meekhof must be waiting for a body to appear on a slab in the morgue. Once again, the Legislature passes the buck, this time to a prosecutor rather than the voting public.

Thomas Davis, Waterford

The race card

Re: Nolan Finley’s May 12 Editor’s Note, “Left targets Ben Carson for his race”: Who cares about Ben Carson’s race? He’s just unqualified to lead this country. Carson has no concept of how an economy works.

Howard Curtis, Rochester Hills