Letter: CAFE standards unfair

Re: Mary Nichols and Marge T. Oge’s May 13 column, “Don't weaken CAFE standards,” mislabels buck-passing as pollution abatement. If cars actually got 54.5 miles per gallon of gasoline, the CAFE benefits would be real, but those numbers are only achievable in the foreseeable future by supplementing with electrical power and pretending it is gasoline in the calculations.

If reducing carbon emissions is the goal, why single out the auto industry?

The greater use of energy is for heating and cooling buildings. Few buildings are being constructed with state of the art energy management systems. Unlike for automobiles, where investments in research may not bear fruit and technology can't be retrofit, green building technology already exists for new and also for remodeling projects. If we should ban gas-hog cars, we also should ban gas-hog furnaces.

Dennis L. Green,

Farmington Hills