Ban sin taxes

Re: Chad Livengood’s May 18 report, “‘Sin taxes’ yield more than double business taxes in Michigan”: Sin taxes on legal activities should be unconstitutional. They are a prime example of the tyranny of the majority. We have a government that is perpetually concerned with new and creative sources of revenue (taxes) and not a word about the ineptitude in the way that revenue is used.

Randy Indish, St. Clair Shores

Thank a smoker today

The next time I see a drunk laying on the sidewalk I will shake his hand and thank him for his continued contribution to the state tax coffers. I will shake everyone’s hand that is smoking. I will ask each individual if there is any way they can increase their purchase and consumption of alcohol and tobacco. After all, the state needs their money more than it needs tax money from businesses.

John Blomeling, Wyoming

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