#ICYMI: Wild on Plan B, Finley on pensions

■ In Michigan, smokers and drinkers who pay the ‘sin tax’ contribute more than double the amount of state taxes that the business community does, Chad Livengood reported after a review of tax data.

■ Life is good for politicians on pensions, Nolan Finley writes. He takes a look at two such politicians, Senators Gary Peters, who is being paid for life for his service as lottery commissioner, and Debbie Stabenow, who is being paid for life for her time in the Legislature.

Gov. Rick Snyder’s plan for prison reform is a good start, The News wrote in an editorial. Snyder wants Michigan to conduct a thorough examination of who the state holds in prison, why, and for how long. The ultimate goal is to free up money from the Corrections budget, which outmatches what state government spends on higher education.

■ Michigan’s mayors should be a part of the Plan B conversation on how to fund necessary road work, says Westland Mayor William Wild, a Democrat. Wild, a 2014 candidate for Wayne County Executive, writes that mayors are in regular touch with the populations they serve, and could give wise counsel as Lansing lawmakers consider their next move.

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