Reader: Stop bashing teachers

I would like to see Detroit News columnist Ingrid Jacques handle a classroom for a week with students who come to school unprepared for learning and see what miracles she can create. Since Gov. Rick Snyder has come in to office, traditional public schools have been stripped of students, who have left to go to charter schools. They have lost operating funds due to having to prop up the pension system and other state shortages.

School employees have been demoralized by having their pay frozen, more withheld from their pay for retirement and health care, higher class sizes, less money for supplies, and evaluations that have become a yearly “master’s thesis.”

Most teachers work hard to engage their students, and it is a rare few that do not, who will be weeded out, now that tenure has been dissolved and union power has little meaning in our right-to-work state. Whether they be private, charter or public school educators, let’s thank a teacher during teacher appreciation month.

Without good teachers, many of us wouldn’t have the careers we have, including newspaper editors.

Michele Mog, Canton