Michigan COVID hospitalizations exceed fall peak as situation worsens

Readers talk Al Kaline, Mackinac

Fond memories

Re: Lynn Henning’s May 27 column, “399: Kaline’s last day short on history, long on regret”: What a class act Al Kaline is.

Since Lynn Henning mentioned Al’s insight into the game, I have to say I have never listened to anyone with more insight than Kaline.

John Garron, Westland

Who’s your Tiger?

Al Kaline still holds the record for most home runs in a Tiger career at 399. Henning seems to want to hand that honor to Miggy.

Miggy has hit “only” 263 home runs in a Tiger uniform.

The other 138 home runs in his career came during his five years as a Florida Marlin.

Paul Chapman, Troy

Put heat on lawmakers

Re: The Detroit News’ May 27 Editorial, “On Mackinac, an island of opportunity”: This is a great opportunity to tell the Legislature that campaign contributions will dry up if they don’t come up with an honest solution to our roads crisis.

We have given business huge breaks and there’s little demonstrable to show for it.

The state won’t truly recover until we have population inflow. Starving education and roads for the mantra of low taxes (except for the middle class) won’t get people to move to Michigan unless they have to.

Neal Charness, Detroit