Letter: We can choose to have a better Detroit

There are a lot of leaders up north right now. Many hope for clarity. Hearing “talent, urban revitalization, and cohesion,” Mackinaw Policy Conference participants look toward the future. What vision will they find?

Here’s one: Detroit, the mobility capital of the world.

We read about Detroit Public Schools. Functional illiteracy. Roads. Racism.

Let’s author a new narrative. One where people stay.

Define it. Opportunity as smart and social mobility. Education as literacy for children and parents. A Detroit where neighbors in need are lifted and literacy is paramount.

Write it.

Policies for smart tech and skills training. Legislation for learning centers and low income housing. Resolutions for regional transportation. Executive orders for all-inclusive, equitable, integrated everything.

Or don’t write it. Choose a different adventure. These words weren’t meant for you. They’re for the followers.

We remember. We stay. We follow. We vote.

Jeffrey Nolish, Detroit