News readers talk Plan B

Isn’t it ironic?

Re: Nolan Finley’s May 28 report, “New plan to fund road fixes emerges”: Funding is for roads is down because cars are much more fuel efficient due to government regulations. This means less gas tax revenue. Unintended consequences, irony or what?

Norm Fankell, Northville

As Martin Niemoller might say

When Republicans came after unions, I did not speak for them, for I was not a union member. When the Republicans came after the retirees, and I did not speak for them for I was not a retiree. When Republicans came after the poor, I did not speak for them, for I was not poor. Now the Republicans are coming after me and there is no one left to speak for me.

Tony Ventura, Richmond

Tax fairness

Business must bear its share of the burden of increased taxes to repair and maintain our roads. That is what the rejection of Prop 1 was all about.

Roger Gienapp,