#ICYMI: News writers on legal pot, Wayne County

■With multiple efforts afoot to allow Michiganians the option to vote to legalize pot in 2016, along with voter support for legalization, Nolan Finley warns of the importance of getting legalization right. Finley advocates for a highly regulated sales system, not unlike the one alcohol and beer companies go through.

■If you’re considering enrolling at Eastern Michigan University, you may want to think again, Ingrid Jacques writes. EMU’s Board of Regents voted this week to hike tuition more than 7 percent. While that high rate would keep EMU from meeting a state incentive and the $1 million in funding that comes with it, the additional revenue is believed to bring in $10 million.

■On The Politics Blog, James David Dickson writes that two votes and one letter reveal a leadership in Wayne County that is realistic about the county’s financial standing. In voting to not seek an override of County Executive Warren Evans’ veto of a vote to not pass on a $49 million court judgment on to taxpayers, and in voting to eliminate the “13th check” for pensioners, the Wayne County Commission showed wisdom. In his letter to the state treasurer seeking a financial review, executive Evans showed he understood reality.

Mansa Musa writes that Detroiters need financial wellness, which comes through financial education. Musa, a financial coach at Central Detroit Christian CDC, writes about programs offered by that organization to help individuals take charge of their financial future.

■As summer heats up, Joel Kurth reports that public access to swimming pools is drying up across Metro Detroit.

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