News readers talk school choice

Learn from the best

Re: Ingrid Jacques’ June 19 column, “Michigan is missing out on real school choice”: School choice is a code phrase that is intended to get some public school money into private hands. If conservatives really want to improve schools, they would look at the best practices followed by those countries that do a better job than us.

John Douglass Callow, Milan

Not with my tax money

Why should the public pay for schools’ focus, in part, on religious education? University of Detroit-Jesuit is a fine school, but I don't want my tax dollars going to pay for parents who choose to send their sons there. Same for Jewish, Muslim or any religious school.

Public money should go to public schools.

Rob Pollard, Ypsilanti

Choice without quality

Michigan has the fourth most charter schools in the country. Flint and Detroit rank in the top 10 cities for the number of charter schools.

Tyler Leppanen, Owosso