Problems in the Palmetto State

Re: Nolan Finley’s June 25 column, “Blaming the victim in South Carolina”: I agree that we shouldn't single out an entire region. I also would note that enough things have happened in South Carolina that it's a legitimate question as to whether there's a culture in the state that encourages miscreants like the shooter in this case of the police officer that pretty much executed a traffic stop subject.

Neal Charness, Detroit

Misplaced priorities

Re: George Hunter and Oralandar Brand-Williams’ June 24 report, “Police issue warrant for Shepard Fairey”: How many officers are tied up in Detroit’s “quality of life” unit that could actually be doing other work to enhance life outside of the fairyland world of downtown?

When does the Duggan administration start serving taxpayers instead of simply pandering to businesses?

Mark Durfee, Detroit

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