News readers: Does tax fairness really exist?

Fair isn’t simple

Re: State Rep. Jim Townsend’s July 14 column, “Who pays taxes in Michigan?”: When it comes to taxes, there's no such thing a "fair". What's "fair" to one person is "unfair" to another.

I'm not in favor of a graduated tax because then the politicians will add deductions and loopholes for their friends and the next thing you know Michigan's tax code will be as bad as the federal tax code.

Richard Fink, St. Clair Shores

Fairer than you think

People have been brainwashed to believe that we all pay the same percentage. They never think about property taxes and sales taxes making the tax system disproportionate.

Judi Markos, Ortonville

Ask the right questions

If you think of government as something you serve, you're probably in favor of variable percentage taxation. If you think of government as something that serves you — a set of services you buy with tax dollars — then you're more likely to wonder why some people pay $0 for those services, while other people pay many thousands for them.

Dale Parry, Ann Arbor