News readers talk charter schools

Mixed motives

Re: Ingrid Jacques’ July 17 column, “With no new Detroit charters, it’s not Wild West”: Education for profit is a mistake. What they are doing is siphoning money and resources away from public schools, that eventually finds its way into corporate coffers. Plus, the system of charter schools, where some are outstanding and some are bad does nothing to elevate the overall educational achievement.

Raymond T. Jackson, Detroit

The good old days

Once upon a time, Michigan school districts controlled all of their activities. Administrators, teachers, secretaries, nurses, custodians, food services, maintenance and bus drivers were all employees of the school districts. Then came the greed, and many of these jobs were farmed out to the lowest bidder. Then, salaries of the remaining workers were slashed or stagnated. The greedy then came in to run the schools for their profits. Some folks stupidly wonder why student achievement has dramatically dropped.

Bill Baker, Beaufort, South Carolina