Government not the solution

Re: State Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo’s Aug. 19 column, “Caregivers deserve a living wage”: Nice sentiment, but who is going to pay for it? The seniors who need the care? Most are living on pensions and social security. The workers who need day care and can barely afford the costs now? Maybe more government subsidies that would then be open to abuse?

How about the allowing the market to determine the wage?

Thomas Davis, Waterford

Beware unintended consequences

If these caregivers get this raise, who will pay for it? Well, a lot of it will paid by Medicare, Medicaid and government funded child care. That means the government will need more money, so taxes will have to go up. Of course, the government will benefit from the higher salaries as well, since social security and income tax revenues will go up (I'd bet a good dinner that tax brackets won't be adjusted). In reality, the people at the bottom will get little real increase in income, possibly have a reduction in benefits, but politicians and do-gooders will have another "achievement" they can feel good about.

Dennis Neylon, Hazel Park

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