A plan that works

Re: Tom Lutz’ August 19 column, “Business should share the burden of road funding”: Michigan’s roads are some of the worst in the country. This proposal makes perfect sense.

Erik Valenti, Livonia

Not again, Lansing

So families and seniors have to pay for a $2 billion dollar corporate tax cut and Lansing politicians want to hit us again to pay for roads? No. It’s time corporations start paying their fair share.

Alan Fosnacht, Royal Oak

Trickle down is a lie

And herein is the lie of trickle down economics: That in a supply and demand society, businesses will hire people not because they need them to service customers, but because they got a tax cut and the money is burning a hole in their pocket. No business hires employees they don’t need just because they got a tax cut.

Adam Gantz, Farmington Hills

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