Readers debate: Should Lansing serve part-time?

Not the solution

Re: Nolan Finley’s Aug. 27 column, “Make them part-time, Part Two”: What you are proposing will just give us more of what we have — a do-nothing, know-nothing, dysfunctional legislature, fiddling while we go off a cliff. It will also give us less of what we don’t have — an effective productive governing body, solving the problems and meeting the challenges we face.

Raymond T. Jackson,


Just another excuse

How will shortening legislative sessions change the political positions of the people elected?

There’s no link between cutting the time to pass bills and getting the bills passed.

In fact, part-time legislatures have the excuse if “the session ran out” to not get things done.

James Douglas,


No time to waste

Part time legislatures have to focus on what is important with less time to screw the citizens.

Thomas Davis,