Readers talk about protecting the Great Lakes

Don’t forget Nestle

Re: The Detroit News’ Sept. 7 Editorial, “Keep Great Lakes water at home”: Aren’t the water bottling companies already diverting water from the basin into bottles in this state?

Barrie Lincourt, Livonia

Waukesha conserves water

Waukesha, Wisconsin, has a daytime sprinkling ban, conservation rates that go up with use, toilet rebates, industrial conservation incentives, public outreach and more. The claim of no conservation program is one of several inaccuracies here.

Bill McClenahan, Madison, Wisconsin

Can’t protect Great Lakes forever

The states are accepting federal money for lake restoration and cleanups. This is going to end the states ability to regulate their surrounding lakes the way they want. Look for the feds to get involved very soon. The chance of water heading west is real.

Charles Hines, Algonac