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News readers: Lansing needs to fix Michigan’s roads

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A pox on both houses

Re: Nolan Finley’s Sept. 8 column, “Bipartisan roads deal takes shape in Lansing”: This is what happens when you go from collecting $2 billion in taxes on businesses to $287 million in 4 years. Funny how they’re already collecting $2.5 billion more from citizens in the state yet can’t find the money; might as well jack up taxes some more. I’m done with both parties; they are worthless to the average person.

Matt Turner, Royal Oak

Share the burden

Everyone who used the roads needs to chip in. Citizens and businesses need to pay their fair share and no one should get a free ride.

I still like toll roads. Not every one, but a few key roads to offset the truck traffic. If one or two worked out, then maybe more.

Possibly we would not have to do this by picking on seniors and the poor.

Cecilia Nadon Bruck, Austin, Texas

A step past part-time

The only solution even considered by this administration is “business as usual,” more taxes, more fees. It is way past time for a part-time legislature in this state. That part-time legislature should also be responsible for appointing state senators instead of the “Who bought the most votes with taxpayer money?” system we have now.

Randy Indish, St. Clair Shores

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