Letter: Be careful walking at West Davison

Be careful walking

Over the past several years, too many serious pedestrian injuries and deaths have occurred on West Davison Avenue between I-96 and M-10, including two children who died crossing the road on their way to school, and a man who died going home from the store.

State data show that this corridor has some of the highest vehicular/pedestrian crash rates in the city.

Something needs to change.

For a start, Focus: HOPE is working with MDOT to increase safety awareness along the corridor. In line with MDOT’s statewide “Toward Zero Death” campaign, beginning this week, “LOOK Davison!” encourages pedestrians to be safe and be seen, and motorists to look carefully for pedestrians crossing.

Focus: HOPE is a proud neighbor and strong believer in the future of the HOPE Village community. A safe West Davison is paramount to this future. Please drive and walk safely on West Davison!

Debbie Fisher,

HOPE Village Initiative director, Detroit