Letter: Keep government out of apprenticeships

Keep government out of apprenticeships

Re: Ingrid Jacques’ Sept. 11 column, “Obama promotes a higher ed idea that works”: As a human resources professional I have been involved with training for a variety of companies in Michigan, Iowa, Illinois and New York over my career. In the business I worked for, qualified skilled trades was always a recruiting concern. In all cases, community colleges were usually in the area and offered some skilled trades training.

In my experience, the business needing the skilled trades had either their own apprentice program or I was able to start a program to supply the skills needed for that business. I worked with the local community colleges to restructure their training to meet the specific needs of the business,. The program required academic/technical training with an on-the-job application of the training. Testing would be involved to insure the success of the training.

The point I am making is the “business” took steps to meet its needs and not the government using taxpayer money. The government, read taxpayers, should not be responsible for the success or failure of a business. If a business is not willing to take the appropriate steps to insure the competitiveness of its operations it should fade away.

Jim Grikschat

Farmington Hills