Celebrate Clean Water Act

Since the Clean Water Act recently turned 43, now would be a great time for our own attorney general, Bill Schuette, to give the Great Lakes an anniversary present. Here in Michigan, we cherish the Great Lakes as the place we boat and fish. Yet the Great Lakes can only be clean if we safeguard the streams that feed it and the wetlands that help keep pollutants out of it.

That’s why EPA’s new Clean Water Rule is so important: it finally restored protections of the Clean Water Act to 48 percent of Michigan’s streams. These streams not only feed lakes like the Great Lakes but also help provide drinking water to 1.4 million Michiganders. Unfortunately, a federal court has now temporarily blocked the Clean Water Rule. Part of the problem is that other states’ attorneys general lent a patina of legitimacy to polluters’ arguments in court. Schuette should tell the court that, at least here in Michigan, people want their waters clearly protected from polluters. Here in Michigan, we should be doing everything we can to protect clean water. We hope Schuette will forcefully oppose polluters’ misguided dirty water attacks in court.

Marika Sinnis

Environment Michigan, Ann Arbor

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