Letter: Get government out of schools

Get government out of schools

Re: Doug Rothwell’s Oct. 30 guest column, “Assessing Michigan’s talent future”: The column correctly identifies some of the failings of the state's public school system such as falling reading and math abilities. But instead of questioning the propriety of the government controlling education, he calls for more of the same poison that made it sick in the first place: more government investment, more failed early childhood programs and stricter standards. What Michigan needs is to remove government from education.

Michael Neibel, Roseville

Nothing to fear in Ohio energy policy

Re: The Detroit News’ Oct. 26 guest opinion piece, “Don’t make Ohio’s energy fumble”: The author warns of bills in Michigan’s Legislature that would discontinue the state’s renewable energy mandates. My home state of Ohio recently froze our renewables mandate to study its impact, and the study committee’s report found that the mandate should be frozen indefinitely. There is nothing to fear. Everyone wants cleaner energy. But hardly anybody is willing pay the higher prices.

Joe Nichols, The Buckeye Institute