Letter: EPA rule change protects waterways


Rule change protects waterways

The Clean Water Rule, put into effect on Aug. 28, would restore protections to our waterways across the nation. A loophole that was carved into the Clean Water Act in 2006 left more than 23,000 miles of Michigan’s streams and waterways vulnerable to pollution. With the Clean Water Rule, the loophole will be closed, waters deemed questionable will be protected, and there will be a stronger emphasis on protecting smaller streams and wetlands.

This past week, U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow voted against a bill intended to overturn the Clean Water Rule. This was the first win in a battle of imminent hindrances coming our way in passing the rule.

The Great Lakes provide environmental services, along with recreational services, and are a great source of pride and happiness for every Michigander. Let’s not allow our lakes and rivers to be sullied by lax regulations.

Simone Shemshedini, Ypsilanti